A framework for a green recovery

In the wake of the climate and nature emergencies and Covid-19 crisis, a bold and ambitious response is vital to address social, economic and environmental change. As the UK takes forward presidency of COP26 and new national policy priorities emerge in the Environment Bill, regional scale action for green recovery and progress is very much at the fore. The ‘Greenprint’ is a joint initiative led by New Forest National Park Authority, University of Southampton, University of Portsmouth, and Southern Policy Centre, working with Partnership for South Hampshire. The objective of the Greenprint framework is to enhance collaboration across and within sectors to achieve a green recovery together.

The framework has been developed from existing plans and strategies, and through dialogue with a range of stakeholders, reflecting the distinctive characteristics of our area: our renowned coastline and national parks; the interconnected mosaic of urban, suburban and rural communities; our excellent educational and research institutions; a commitment to building sustainable places; and building climate resilience by working with local businesses and innovative SMEs.

Five priorities for a green recovery have been identified:

  • Net zero with nature – providing the leadership necessary to reduce carbon emissions, taking a more integrated and holistic approach by working with nature to build a zero carbon economy and zero carbon communities.

  • Natural health service – improving physical and mental health and wellbeing and tackling health inequalities through greater access to our world class natural environments and bringing nature into our urban communities.

  • World class blue/green environments – protecting, restoring and improving our distinctive, high quality blue and green environments, enabling the natural capital and ecosystem services they offer us to contribute fully to a strong economy and a healthy, inclusive society.

  • Creating great places through quality in design and build – encouraging an innovative approach to creating high quality, inclusive and sustainable places for people and nature, adopting a low-carbon, sustainable approach which will make the region an exemplar.

  • Centre for excellence in green skills and jobs – tackle local skills gaps and economic inequalities by building a future workforce which can seize the opportunities offered by innovation in key sectors of our economy, including zero carbon economy, land management and the visitor economy.

The Greenprint framework will build on these priorities by defining the outcomes, metrics and measurements that provide councils, businesses and organisations with a starting point for meaningful and long-lasting action to help deliver a region-wide green recovery. By highlighting regional communities of practice for each metric, we aim to empower individual organisations through collaborations and partnerships.